We don’t work. We enjoy. We enjoy to built projects. To do new stuff. We enjoy to help and to know that we contributed a little stone to a huge building. We are creative, and we try hard to think out of the box. Passionate with the due knowledge of the new medias and their technology, we know what we are talking about.

Our mission is to empower startups and entrepreneurs, implementing legal and practical structure. We provide the necessary tools to avoid and fix legal mistakes that can take you down the road. Ask about our early stage corporate services and coaching plans. What we do want, is to see you grow.


“We are your Wingman”

Together, we put the Law on your business plan, giving you the legal and practical structure for your company.
We can help you manage the enterprise, so you can focus on what you do best: Business. We cover all legal areas, providing you everything Key in Hand from notaries to out-sourcing services, as well as off-shore entities.
We are here to help you starting from scratch to a (hopefully) multinational company, taking together the necessary financially risks, because we believe in your project.


Early Stage Corporate Structure

We help you chosing the correct corporate structure, SA, SAPI, INC, C corp, Scorp LLC, joint-venture, and we address issues of ownership, vesting rights, founders agreements, the roles and responsibilities of each founder, including salaries and terms of employment.

Industry Regulations
We ensure your startup obtains the necessary permissions and obeys industry rules.

Intellectual Property Protection
We protect your most valuable asset of a startup your IP.

Forza G Capital

Our matchmaking portafolio between investors and startups.